DreamPilot kneeboard

Things under your control

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Universal smartphone holder for general aviation pilots, such as small aircraft, ultralights and paragliding

Make your smartphone or tablet a perfect control center, use your favorite navigation apps, make notes and keep track during your flights. No more wad of papers.

  • Andrej Beleš (SK)
    Best phone holder I found on the market. Price is great for such quality. Will buy another one for passengers
    Andrej Beleš (SK)
  • J. Barta (CZ)
    I always use it when flying. My phone is secured and perfectly accessible. The plane I usually rent doesn't have GPS build in, so this thing is just for me.
    J. Barta (CZ)
  • Pavel G. (CZ)
    Nicely designed, now I can use my phone all the time, GPS usually. Phone is perfectly accessible on my leg.
    Pavel G. (CZ)
  • Jan Kraus (CZ)
    It was a preset from my lovely wife. She knew how I struggled with my phone always laying somewhere between my legs durng the flight, obviously she was worried about my safety too. I totally recommend DremPilot phone holder.
    Jan Kraus (CZ)

For all smartphones and mini tablets


Dream Pilot for your adventures or work. Only $24.99

The Dream Pilot knee-board for smartphones and mini tablets is unique in both its price and features. There is nothing else like it on the market.

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